Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Intuition. That gut feeling. That voice that foreshadows and gives you the Cliffs notes before your conscious self could even register a single detail of a situation. It’s our greatest super power that quickly gets forgotten as we get older. 

At this point I think I’ve asked every single one of my clients what their gut tells them about something going on in their life. And just about every one of them has either said “I don’t know” or “I can’t tell the difference between what I feel and what my gut’s telling me.” Our intuition speaks to us in so many different ways that once you start paying attention, you may even start to get a little annoyed with how loudly and incessantly it communicates with you, but you’ll also always be filled with immense gratitude and comfort in knowing that you’re always looked after. Before exploring how to reaffirm your connection to your intuition, we have to create a true and accurate understanding of what your intuition even is and what it’s motives are.

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Listen to the Voices in your Head


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