Musings about Italy

  • You buy a bus ticket at news stands and tobacco shops
  • Cash is much preferred and there are ATMs everywhere
  • Everyone has major swag, even three year olds
  • Garlic wafts through the streets of Venice
  • Wine is appropriate at ALL hours of the day
  • All words seem to end with an A, O, or I and each word sounds absolutely melodic
  • The post office has chairs (so smart)
  • Depending on the area, shops will be closed for two weeks in August for vacation
  • Drivers tend to be quite impatient
  • Microwaves aren’t very popular
  • Italians have mastered the art of tanning.  They become a delicious copper/bronze color and somehow manage to not have any tan lines
  • Italians regularly walk directly in front of you and don’t give a damn about it
  • The biggest ice cream cones I’ve ever seen were in Florence (each cone contained at minimum 5 scoops of ice cream!)
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to double park your car in front of a coffee bar to enjoy a quick espresso
  • Little girls often don’t wear bikini tops
  • Almost all deodorant is aluminum free (yay!)
  • Showers are smaller than airplane bathrooms (let’s not bother talking about the complications of shaving one’s legs in such close quarters)
  • The most graffiti I’ve ever seen was in Sicily
  • Nearly everyone that you talk to asks when you’ll return (the assumption that someone will return is totally warranted)
  • Grown daughters and mothers often hold hands
  • You can easily find condom dispensing machines on busy streets
  • You have to flag down the bus, otherwise it won’t pick you up

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  1. Carol says:

    It’s still so amazing to think about what you are doing. You nailed the italians but unfortunately didn’t talk about the food. All other things can be forgiven because of the amazing food. Hope you made it to Tuscany or Umbria or perhaps that will be the next trip or the next time around. It’s so delicious being able to read about what you are doing. Stay well.


    1. I didn’t talk much about food only because I didn’t indulge in much of it :/. These part of the world tour is about seeing the sites and pinching some pennies by cooking at home, but I literally plan to revisit everywhere I go for just the food!


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