My favorite products!

This is going to be short, but I’m hoping it’ll be one of the more useful blog entries for those interested in backpacking.  Before deciding to take this journey, I had never backpacked before, so I spent many hours researching about what to bring and which products would be the best for me.  Here are the one’s that I’ve found to be awesome thus far!

Lightweight towel

Packtowl Personal towel

Although I wasn’t camping anywhere, I thought it might be a good idea for me to bring a towel.  And good thing I did, because I unknowingly ended up in an Air BNB that didn’t have a towel (nor any bed sheets :/)

Battery pack

Anker Astro E1

This little guy has given me such peace of mind that I literally can’t leave home without it.  It holds enough charge in it to charge my iPhone twice over and works through USB.  It’s exceptionally compact and lightweight.

Packing cubes

Misslo Portable Waterproof Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

For those that know me, they know how orderly I like my things to be.  These packing cubes have helped for a number reasons: they help me to keep track of my things and not have to search through my entire backpack for the one thing that I’m looking for; they allow me to use space in my backpack efficiently; and they keep everything clean and smelling relatively fresh.


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones with protection plan

Oh how I love these!  These headphones serve two primary functions: to cancel noise and to offer unbeatable sound quality (ahhh the base!).  They’re especially awesome because they’re wireless (work through bluetooth).  I’ve used them on flights to drown out noise so I can get a bit of sleep, as well as in busy city centers where I need some quiet so I can focus on my work.

Lightweight pants

Marmot Lobo Pant

Lightweight pants are necessary because they don’t weigh much, they dry quickly, and they cover without being too hot.  The other reason why I love these pants are because they’re SPF 30.


Jasgood nylon belt

I thought this might be the case, but now have absolute experiential proof, that your weight fluctuates A LOT when you’re traveling.  I’ve been gaining and losing about 5-7 lbs and wouldn’t be able to be bothered with trying to punch holes into a belt every other day.

Emergency Alarm


Pepperspray Gel


A dear friend of mine told me about the screecher and pepper spray gel and just out of good measure, I bought them both.  I’m very grateful that I’ve never had to use either of them, but knowing that I have them, does make me feel a bit more secure.

The screecher makes an extremely loud sound and can be used to get people’s attention, as well as to startle someone that is attempting to attack you (by blowing it in their ear).  The pepper spray gel (gel specifically) is awesome because it doesn’t create a cloud of spray that could potentially get you, as well as your attacker.  And it sticks to your assailant.

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  1. bhernes says:

    Not just for backpacking, I would love to get some of the things on this list just for general travel as well. Thanks!


    1. You’re always welcome 🙂


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