Musings about France

  • Parisian’s are insanely fashionable and you can take window-shopping to a whole new level in Paris
  • French women smell of expensive perfume when you walk by them
  • Young people smoke cigarettes quite a bit
  • Pure black espressos are very popular.  I had my first espresso ever and it was like drinking hard liquor *squinty faced emoji*
  • Books haven’t gone out of fashion
  • Public displays of affection are like soft porn
  • Large clothing stores in Paris have communal fitting rooms – imagine about 10 fitting rooms put together, without any doors or curtains, and every single wall lined with a mirror (a nightmare for many, but really time efficient)
  • Bras are very optional
  • Mosquitos think American blood is a delicacy
  • Outside of Paris, men don’t tend to even glance your way if you’re walking with another man
  • Women hold armfuls of baguettes like bouquets of flowers
  • No one is afraid to eat alone, and they don’t tend to have the dining-alone armor that we do in the States (phone, book, work, etc.)

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  1. bhernes says:

    Very interesting observations!!!

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