Musings about England

This is the first entry of a series I’ve done and will continue to do in every city/country that I visit.  These are random notes of things I’ve observed that made me giggle, amazed me, or befuddled me 🙂

  • The subway system in London is called the Tube and it’s entirely paperless.  You can either pay to enter with your credit card (everything is on the Tap and Pay system) or you can buy an Oyster card (preload it and continue to add more money to it at any station).  You can use the Oyster card on any bus as well.
  • McDonald’s plays classical music
  • Trashcans are hard to come by but still, it’s clean everywhere
  • Eggplant is called aubergine
  • Picnicing is a way of life and the parks totally reflect that
  • A rolling suitcase is called a trolley
  • Fish and chips is the customary dinner on Fridays
  • A traditional roast (akin to our Thanksgiving dinner) is the customary dinner on Sundays
  • A pig house (on farms) is called a Pigloo (how cute is that!)

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